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“Foot-Doctor, Foot-Doctor.Clinic, Foot-Doctor.Courses and Foot-Doctor.co.uk” means The Lomond Foot and Ankle Clinic Limited - LFAC

“Patient Information” refers to the information supplied by LFAC to its patients in brochure or letter form and any information available via the company website(s).

“Procedure” refers to the non-surgical procedure to be carried out by a Surgeon engaged under a contract of services by Foot-Doctor.

“Practitioner” means a qualified practitioner registered with an appropriate professional body relating to the procedure to be undertaken. (i.e. General Medical Council, Health and Care Professions Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council).

“Consultant / Surgeon” means a qualified medical practitioner registered with the General Medical Council

“Patient” means any person who has entered a contract for a consultation, investigation, treatment, or surgical procedure.

“Pre-booking” means a booking made prior to consultation with a surgeon

“Clinic / Hospital” – means any facility where the Surgeon has Practicing Privileges

“Theatre Suite” – means a dedicated facility within a Clinic / Hospitals where the Surgeon has Practicing Privileges, where Day Surgery and In-Patient Operations are performed with availability of Anaesthetic and Theatre and Recovery Nursing Staff, Anaesthetic Equipment and Recovery Area.

“Surgery” means any operation that is undertaken in a Theatre Suite at any of the Clinic / Hospitals where the Surgeon has Practicing Privileges

“Aftercare Period” means the normal expected recovery period post procedure, treatment, or surgery, specific to that procedure, treatment, or surgery.

“Procedure Fee” means the total cost for the treatment.

“Administrative Staff” means non-clinical support staff (e.g. bookings team, secretary, personal assistant, billings team, marketing team)

“Package” means the specific bundle of treatment for a specific amount of time.


The patient is under the care and supervision of his/her Surgeon / Consultant, Allied Health Professional, Nurse or Therapist (hereafter referred to as the “Practitioner”). 

Foot-Doctor will provide care and treatment in accordance with the instructions of the Practitioner, and in accordance with Foot-Doctor and Clinic/Hospital protocols.

The patient accepts that the Foot-Doctor Administrative Staff are not Practitioners and as such any information that they may give is merely a general non-clinical nature. The patient should raise any clinical queries at a consultation with the Practitioner or other suitably qualified clinic staff in the Clinic / Hospital.

Foot-Doctor will provide a consultation with a Practitioner who is registered with the appropriate regulatory body, and who holds the relevant qualifications and training.

Practitioners who work with Foot-Doctor are self-employed and are obliged to maintain full private Medical Indemnity Insurance.

Foot-Doctor is obliged to ensure the facilities and equipment to undertake the procedures / treatments offered are suitable.


Each package details the specific types of consultations and procedures that are included. The duration of cover is also specifically stipulated.

The price of treatment does not include any additional costs charged by 3rd parties such as GP letter fees, investigations, or imaging, unless stipulated specifically in the treatment package.

Self-Pay Packages for Surgery

Self-pay packages for Surgery at any of the Clinics / Hospitals where the Foot-Doctor holds privileges, are separate to the Packages offered by Foot-Doctor.


Terms and Conditions regarding Surgery in a Theatre Suite where the Foot-Doctor holds privileges are between the Patient and the Clinic / Hospital directly. 

Any Surgeon and Anaesthetic fee for Surgery that is included in the Clinic / Hospital Package will be billed by the Clinic / Hospital.

Any Surgeon and Anaesthetic fee for Surgery that is not included in the Clinic / Hospital Package will be billed by the Foot-Doctor billing company.

Any post-op dressings and treatment room appointments with nurses are specifically stipulated in the Clinic / Hospital Self-Pay Package. 

Any additional post-op dressings and treatment room appointments, out with Clinic / Hospital Self-Pay Package will be billed by the Clinic / Hospital to the patient directly.

Unless specifically stipulated by the Clinic / Hospital, the Clinic / Hospital Self-Pay Package includes one post-op follow-up appointment with the Surgeon. This may be a combined appointment with a treatment room appointment.

Patients who have a Foot-Doctor ‘AfterCare or similar’ Package, have a condition specific bundle of treatment for a specific amount of time.

Any additional appointments with the Consultant / Surgeon will be billed by the Foot-Doctor billing company.  This is an outsourced third party.

Unless specifically stipulated within a specific package, appointments with other Clinicians and Allied Health Professionals are not included and the patient will be billed for these separately by those Clinicians / Allied Health Professionals.

Unless specifically stipulated by the Clinic / Hospital or the Foot-Doctor Package, Medical Aids are not included in the package and will be billed separately by the facility who provides them.

Post-Treatment Complications

The patient accepts that in the unlikely event that they experience a post-treatment complication having been treated by a Foot-Doctor Practitioner, their ongoing care may need to be transferred either to another private hospital provider or to the NHS.

The reason for transfer will be taken on medical grounds.

The choice of Hospital will be at the discretion of Foot-Doctor and patient should be aware that there may be an additional fee if they are required to be looked after at a private hospital.

Unexpected or Disappointed Outcome

In the event that a patient is not happy with the outcome of their treatment, Foot-Doctor will not be responsible for any costs for consultations, blood tests, any other investigations or additional treatments / procedures, unless these costs have been explicitly agreed and approved in writing by the Clinic / Hospital where the Foot-Doctor holds privileges or Foot-Doctor in advance.


The consent process is designed to ensure that the patient and practitioner are fully agreed as to the procedure / treatment that has been planned and that the patient fully understands the potential benefits, risk and complications.

Patient information will be provided to ensure informed consent is obtained.

The patient will be asked to consent to any tests, examinations, photography, laboratory procedures or any general medical treatment offered to the patient.

Any external costs involved will be recharged in full to the patient and must be settled before the date of treatment.

It is responsibility of the Practitioner to obtain the patient’s consent prior to commencing any medical or non-surgical treatment and to answer questions about the patient’s treatment that they may have.

The patient agrees to provide the Practitioner and clinic staff with a complete medical history that is honest and accurate. Withholding any medical information could be detrimental to his/her/their health and safety and may result in the cancellation of treatment in accordance with sections 6 & 7 of this agreement.

The patient must inform Foot-Doctor of any change in their medical history status that occurs during their treatment with Foot-Doctor.

Foot-Doctor reserve the right to contact a patient’s GP should it be necessary, in the opinion of the Practitioner, with the consent of the patient. Should the patient withhold consent, the Practitioner may feel unable to continue with the planned procedure.


The lower age limit for consultations, investigations, non-surgical treatment / procedures, treatments and surgery is 18.


Non-surgical procedures and treatments are 'elective' for the patient. 

The patient needs to give careful consideration to the potential benefits and risks, before a patient makes a decision to proceed.

Foot-Doctor recommends a period of at least 1 day following an initial consultation with a Practitioner before undertaking non-surgical procedures / treatment.

However, existing patients who have an ongoing treatment plan with a Practitioner may make appointments with a Practitioner and have treatment administered at that same appointment if required.

For Patients undergoing scheduled elective, scheduled/planned surgery, Foot-Doctor recommends a period of at least 1 day following an initial consultation before the surgery takes place for a period of reflection of the potential benefits and risks to the patient.


The responsibility for settlement of the charges levied by Foot-Doctor, is and always remains the responsibility of the patient.

Foot-Doctor may require a deposit to secure a date for consultation and / or treatment. 

The price of any treatment options quoted will be valid for 90 days. The balance of the fee must be paid on or before the date of any non-surgery procedure / treatment and three days before any surgery.

In the case where the patient has paid a deposit for a consultation with a Practitioner for the purposes of discussing possible treatment options, this deposit may be offset against the cost of any subsequent treatment that may be agreed with the Practitioner.

Foot-Doctor does not provide credit facilities.

Treatment will only be provided where satisfactory payment has been received.

Independent Loan Companies may offer patients a range of loan options to finance medical treatments. This is a commercial agreement between the patient and Independent Loan Company.

In the case of patients utilising these services, treatment will not be scheduled until confirmation of the loan has been advised to Foot-Doctor.

If the loan is cancelled or is not paid in full, the patient will remain liable for any costs incurred for services / treatments provided up until that point.

For patients opting for finance, a cooling off period of 14 days applies, meaning that treatment cannot take place within 14 days of the approval of the loan.

All Major Credit and Debit Cards are accepted by Foot-Doctor.


If the patient pre-books a date for treatment and then decides to reschedule that date, the following administration fees may be charged:

a)          If the treatment date is re-scheduled giving more than 24 hours’ notice (or more), there will be no charge.

b)          The treatment is re-scheduled giving 24 hours’ notice or less, an administration fee of £100 may be incurred.

Foot-Doctor reserves the right to alter the patient’s treatment date at any point prior to treatment. Such changes will be avoided where possible unless they are due to circumstances beyond Foot-Doctor’s control, in which event the patient agrees that no consequential loss will be payable for such changes at short notice.


In the event that the patient cancels their appointment and does not rebook for their treatment at that point, then the following applies:

a)     Cancellation is with 24 Hours then Foot-Doctor will retain the deposit or treatment payment as a cancellation fee.

b)     If the patient gives more than 24 hours’ notice then the fee will be refundable, via bank transfer within 28 calendar days of the notice to cancel. 

In the interest of patient safety, LFAC reserve the right to cancel or postpone a procedure. If the treatment is cancelled by Foot-Doctor or the Clinic / Hospital, a full refund will be provided.

In addition to the above cancellation policy, you will also be liable for the full cost of any associated tests that have been undertaken prior to surgery, including blood tests, investigations, scans, test patches, etc.

In the event that a patient has secured a loan through a Finance Company for treatment at any of the Clinics / Hospitals and then chooses to cancel both the treatment and the loan, the patient will be liable to pay a cancellation fee in line with the conditions stated above and those of the Clinic / Hospital. 


Foot-Doctor offers all patients access to appointments with a Practitioner at any stage after treatment, should they have concerns.

The patient agrees to attend any scheduled follow up appointments after treatment as recommended and to reasonably comply with the professional advice provided by the Practitioner.

The patient acknowledges that Foot-Doctor cannot be held responsible for any consequences of the patient failing to comply with the advice given.

Foot-Doctor reserves the right to amend or alter the content of the package of care without prior notice considering healthcare trends or emerging best practice models.

Such changes will have no effect on existing patients unless the proposals are medically proven to optimise health and well-being.


Any complaint or claim arising out of such advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by the Practitioner should be addressed in the first instance to the Practitioner. Foot-Doctor will undertake to pass such a complaint on to the Practitioner if the patient prefers.

If a patient has a complaint regarding an aspect of their treatment whilst at any of the Clinics / Hospital facilities where the Foot-Doctor had practicing privileges, the patient should contact the Clinic Manager at the Clinic / Hospital in the first instance, who will be able to advise of the actions to take, as per the Clinic / Hospital complaint procedure.


At any point in the process the patient has the right to contact the Healthcare Regulator.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland, or Care Quality Commission or Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service for UK can be contacted by using the following methods.   

Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Independent Healthcare Team


Tel: 0131 623 4342

E-Mail: [email protected]

Care Quality Commission

Tel: 03000 616161

Email: [email protected]


Tel: 020 7536 6091

Email: [email protected]


Foot-Doctor complies with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), as stated within the Company’s Privacy Policy which is available on the Foot-Doctor Website. www.foot-doctor.co.uk

The patient confirms his/her/their consent to the disclosure of personal information by Foot-Doctor to other consultants, AHP’s, nurses, therapists, and any other clinical staff for the purpose of treating the patient.


Foot-Doctor does not accept responsibility for any cash or valuables whilst on and Clinic / Hospital premises, or at any 3rd party provider’s premises.

Patients should endeavour not to bring valuable items with them to the Clinic / Private Hospitals. If they do, they should ensure that all personal belongings are fully insured.


Foot-Doctor reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

The latest Terms & Conditions are available on request.

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